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Our members are what gives Emerge Australia the impetus, direction and drive to continue its work.

We regard your personal support for ME/CFS as particularly important. Moreover, the more members we have, the more weight the Society carries when our representatives are asked for their input into the medical and social debate.

Thank you for staying with the Society, you will also be helping advance the cause for others with ME/CFS and related neuroimmune conditions.


If you'd like to make a donation with your membership, you can just click here.


Five good reasons for joining and staying with the Society

  1. We know ME/CFS is a physical illness. No one should be telling you that “it’s all in the mind”.
  2. Throughout the year, we campaign for recognition for everyone with the illness. This cannot come without greater understanding and so we provide information and training too.
  3. We work to improve understanding of the condition by health services, medical professionals, educators and the general public.
  4. Our members are connected by their shared understanding of this condition and their combined voice is what drives the work of the Society.
  5. We communicate the latest ME/CFS news, medical research and personal stories in our highly respected quarterly journal; Emerge.


Full Membership is available to all adults with ME/CFS, carers and anyone with an interest.

$40.00 (Incl GST) General membership
$20.00 (Incl GST) Concession

Each fully paid up member is entitled to vote at our Annual and Special General Meetings.

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